Brides and grooms to be... What would you like on your big day??

What would you like to happen... and when, in terms of live music? Whether you're thinking of hiring me as solo pianist, or with one of the bands, or both, I want to hear how you envisage your event-

Maybe you'd like some piano during your ceremony, or for me to accompany a singer with a song that means a lot to you personally, as you make your entrance/exit... some upbeat but unobtrusive jazz during your wedding breakfast... a kicking band to get the evening swinging and rocking... all of the above... maybe you'd even like me to bring my Red Busking Piano along!... I'm sure you have your own ideas? I want to hear them, rather than me telling you how things will work!

I've played hundreds of weddings, solo and with all kinds of bands. Sometimes people like to be very traditional, sometimes they ask for quite unusual or even crazy-sounding requests! Over the years, I've come to the conclusion that rather than offer you various predetermined "packages", it's much better to hear how you would ideally like things to go. I will then be able to tailor the performance/s exactly for your event, even if that means helping you to source musicians or services outside of what I offer, eg a string quartet... or even a
 wedding celebrant!
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Over the years, I've played solo piano and with many bands for all sorts of parties and gatherings, from BMW launch parties in the Algarve, Alpine ski resorts and even remote village parties in Africa, right through to department store show-days, office parties, business dinners, charity events, anniversary celebrations and private house parties back in good old Yorkshire and all over the rest of the UK!

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR EVENT OR PARTY and I will make sure you get the type of live music performance you want! 

CONTACT ME to discuss by phone or email...
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