Since as far back as 1999, I have been a familiar sight busking on the streets of York with a genuine upright piano. In recent years, I have been a regular street entertainer in other towns too, especially Whitby, Beverley, Knaresborough and Harrogate.

Busking with Jamie Cullum.

Busking is something I really love, and I hope to carry on entertaining tourists and residents in York for years and years to come, although I must admit that these days I'm not often to be seen out there in the cold weather!

Playing in the streets is not only a great way to bump into people who are looking for live music for their parties and weddings, but hasĀ given me countless experiences and stories to tell, and has been an amazing way to meet people, including many musicians, from literally all around the world, many of whom have become great friends!

I've also had the odd "celeb" experience, including filming with the BBC during the UK Snooker tournament, playing a bit-part in a TV drama filmed in the city, and jamming with and being interviewed by Jamie Cullum for his BBC radio documentary.